Tuesday, May 13, 2008

hey san diego office of education! do you drug screen?

I love how people find my blog. I think the top two searches are about the midget lesbian mud wrestlers, finding Jesus behind the couch and acera palms. Here's a new one and I find it disturbing:

209.66.200.# (San Diego County Office of Education)
ISP: San Diego County Office of Education
Location Referring URL
http://www.google.co... you get off shrooms
Search Engine: google.com
Search Words: how do you get off shrooms

So who at the Office of Education is doing shrooms and using Google to try and get help? Were they tripping face while surfing the Web during work hours? Frightening, I tell you, frightening!

Let's see how many people Google for frog licking, Lyme infected tick's having sex, slug fornication, Zen and the Art of Godzilla movie critiquing, or African clog dancing acrobats.

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