Sunday, May 11, 2008

DIY grow box

DIY grow box II
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Bought a $13 grow light and then came up with the idea to repurpose a two drawer cabinet piece into a one drawer grow box. Oh we could have just bought a similar set up for $120 from the back of the Burpee catalog, but we like to make stuff and grow stuff....and do not like to spend money on things we can easily make.

The seed propagation process has begun! Fresh herbs and veggies in......well, give it some time.

I also planted some marigolds, with their divine clean fragrance that reminds me of childhood, and white impatiens that should grow nicely in partial light. In no time, their leaves and flowers should be peaking into the kitchen window. We were also gifted a gerbera daisy that joined the others lining the walkway.

Of course, being the nomad, most of these are in pots. Hey, you never know........ ugh, I think I will root for a while. Happy Spring!

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