Friday, May 9, 2008

design and comfort

glass beads
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It is starting to feel like home which, given my nomadic history and bouts of "un-groundedness", is amazing. Living underground with only two small windows and a windowed entry door is not as bad as I thought it would feel. The other day, I let me creativity flow a bit and created a window treatment utilizing glass beads, dollar store "crystals", some old picnic cups, scrap booking paper (I don't scrapbook, I just like colorful items) and some time off from work.

I like the way it came out, especially when the sun shines through. It was also calming to string the beads and the vibrant colors make me smile.

There have been a few problems with the new place, but my aunt and, landlords are great people and are helping us iron out any of the kinks rather promptly. No one has resided here for over two years, so there are some minor problems. The kitchen sink leaks slightly. Luckily, my uncle was a plumber by trade. The fan in the refrigerator ceased working from inactivity; they called in a repair guy right away and let us use their second fridge to keep our perishables from perishing. Unfortunately, the replacement fan is rattling as all heck, but I am sure they will let the repair guy know as soon as I tell them.

Some pluses to this place (and these are huge):

Private two car driveway and entrance. No parking on the street and no extra dings from having to park in a public lot.

Space. I have never had an apartment with such square footage. It is comfortable. No need to move a chair out of the way to open the fridge. The ability to entertain without people sitting on each others' laps (unless they want to, of course). There is even room to practice yoga without risk of putting your hand through the wall or banging into furniture.

A kitchen you can actually cook in. Counter space, lots of cabinets, full-size appliances, enough room for a full kitchen table are all things I never really had before.

A bathroom and bathroom mirror that allows two people can get ready for work at the same time.

A quiet, safe neighborhood, close to the running track, Thursday night's yoga class and family.

No more hearing the clop-clop of tires going over the seam in the road in front of the last apartment. Heck, no sound of traffic.

A yard, with a pool and cardio equipment we have permission to use.

Extra storage space! This allows us to not have part of our apartment look like a bicycle repair shop.

It is comfortable. Truly comfortable. And, as an added bonus, I can be creative and design the space how I want, though I still haven't come up with what to do about the forest green carpet against the red sofa bed making it feel like Christmas...but I will figure it out. Perhaps a really large area rug (I did mention there was a lot of space in here....and the sofa is of considerable size, too). Now, I have to go jog to the other side of the place to get something.....

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Hooray to feeling at home in wide open apartments. I hope it brings just as many years of comfort as you need it to. As for your last post, that Southern twang is beginning to sound awfully normal here :) All the best!!