Monday, May 5, 2008

great oogly moogly

I am plum tuckered out! (Yeah, so tired I am resorting to southern accents and sayings, y'all.)

Most recent old apartment: empty and clean
Newest new apartment: the land of boxes and bags
I'd take a picture, but I have no idea where the camera is packed.
Body: tired and achy.
Eyes: crossing
I'm quite sure this is move #9/apt #10 in half as many years.

Tomorrow's the last day at my long-term temp job, then I am going to sleep for about three days straight.
Might have a cable box when arriving home tonight.
Internet should be hooked up on Wednesday.

Brain is on vacation.

What's new with all of you? (hey, my crazy lurkers, leave a comment every now and then. No, really, I won't bite)


Cheers y'all,

The Nomad


pink sky said...

good luck in your new diggs!

ann michele said...

moving stinks.
leaving jobs that you don't like is great.
sleeping for three days would be HEAVENLY.
cable is nice.
internet is nicer.
my brain is always on vacation except when i am sleeping....
i used to be quite the i have a family.
nothing new with me. well nothing new that is actually worth mentioning anyway......