Sunday, May 11, 2008

is it the 70s?

kitchen setting
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Well, my mother had me in the 70's so I guess it is appropriate that the kitchen in the new apartment is looking like the 70's on this here Mother's Day. Now that we have a large enough apartment to entertain, I decided to invite our mothers (and fathers) to:


....and no one got food poisoning (that I'm aware of).

Mind you, everything (other then one item) were recipes I have never made before. (Risky? Sure....I am such the dare-devil-living-on-the-edge type of gal. Brunch with new recipes! I'm crazy I tells ya! Crazy!)

The Menu:

Fresh Fruit Salad - banana, grapefruit, strawberry, blackberry, apple, orange and pear (Hey, you guessed it off the bat! THIS was the one I have made before. Oh, you're good!)

Banana Nut Muffins - from scratch. It only took two batches to get them right. Though I could just call the first ones "muffin shaped scones"...yeah, a little dry for muffin-like items.

Spinach Cheddar Quiche - And I made it with a whole wheat homemade crust. I rock!

French Toast Bread Pudding - This appeared to have been the hit of the brunch. Not too sweet and the cinnamony-goodness greeted guests in the driveway. They didn't even need maple syrup or butter. Melt in your mouth mmmm-ness. Never underestimate the power of a recipe you find on the internet.

And, to wash it down and give everyone a caffeine boost:
Mexican Coffee Deluxe - Simply divine.

Since my father had to work, I sent home a care package for him to enjoy when he got home. He will, however, have to take my mom's work for it that the coffee was fantastic (again with the internet recipe).

We really enjoyed hosting brunch. Now that I know I can do it, we'll have to invite over some friends. (hmmmm....did I just admit that I used our parents as test subjects? Oh, well, Happy Mother's Day anyway, momola!)


pink sky said...

you always make me smile :) love the retro family brunch. tater tots would have been a hit!

pink sky said...

p.s. in think you should come and write for my blogzine and make everyone smile :)