Thursday, September 13, 2007

aaaahh, what's up, doc?

Raw foods! I am loving this way of eating! I have been eating close to 50% raw foods for a week now and I feel wonderful and have lost a few pounds. Some of the guidelines I have chosen to follow are from the Harvey Diamond book "Fit for Life: Not Fat for Life". My local library only has this book and Carol Alt's book on eating almost entirely raw (too extreme for me). I am glad I have read the Diamond book. Many of his ideas make sense to me (some, meh, not so much....but that's okay) and I am choosing which ones to implement into my life. Depending on how my body responds will depend on what I continue doing and what I decide to change. Diamond's ideas around how to eat fruit and eating only fresh fruit from morning until noon are working out well for me. He also allows for coffee (my vice). My energy throughout the day is steady and my mind feels more focused. He also talks about lunch and dinner having either a protein or a starch (but not both in the same meal), along with a cooked veggie and a salad (any raw vegetable, not necessarily a salad salad). His explanations of food combining also make sense to me.

I am not here pushing his book or eating raw (unless it works for you). My intention in this post (besides telling some of my story) is to encourage you all to listen to your bodies. Our bodies have amazing healing abilities. Think about it. When we break a bone, it's not the doctor that heals it. She just puts the bone in place and stabilizes it. It's our bodies that actually mend the bone. Amazing! I decided to try implementing a raw foods diet on the basis of the benefits I am reading about in books, magazines, raw foodist blogs and journals. I am staying with it based on how my body is reacting to it. I want my body to heal anything that ails it. I want to be energetic and move freely. I want to optimize my health.

Even though, most of the time I am "up in my head", when I take the time to listen to my body, it usually has some valuable advice to give me. My body is giving me positive feedback to this way of eating and I am going to listen and provide what it wants in order to reach the best health I can. I encourage you to take the time to listen to your body. Sometimes it give us pain or discomfort. It is trying to tell you something needs to be fixed. You can choose to ignore it and hope it goes away on it's own, or you can be proactive and do something about it to expedite healing. Best of health and healing to you!


Laura Stamps said...

I have been a vegetarian for years (actually, almost organic cheese on pizza and lasagna, but that's all the dairy I eat). Don't eat sugar, try to eat organic all the time.

I am 50 and feel 23 inside, have tons of energy, very healthy. People somehow have the idea that vegetarians are deprived. Ha! They have NO IDEA how good we eat! Congratulations for going raw. I think more people would make diet changes like this if they knew how many nasty chemicals and hormones they put in our food. Not to mention the yucky stuff it does to the body.

I'm clapping loudly for you, and sending you many faery blessings today!!

Hamguin said...

Melissa--thanks for posting your experience with this design for feeding your body without forcing it to work hard to overcome what you just fed it!

I don't pretend to do as good a job, but I am sensitive to what I am doing and do listen to the sometimes-unsubtle clues my body is giving me. Some days I respect that information, some days not so much.

Also, thanks for stopping by over at Hamguin. It's fun to connect with new people and learn from them.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post!
I read Diamond's book about 10 years ago and have been vegetarian ever since.
Raw foods are great....whenever I get into days on end of juicing, I feel fantastic!
I need to incorporate the raw food thing a lot more.
Can totally relate to the coffee addiction too! I can't even function in the morning without it.