Friday, September 7, 2007

so what's up?

So, what have I been up to lately?
  • Reading up on and starting to implement a closer to rawfoods diet. I have been adding lots of fruits and veggies to my days. Much of the articles and books on the topic explain the benefits of diets ranging from 50-50 (raw/cooked) to as close to 100% raw. Decrease in headaches, eliminating sinus problems, improved skin, clearer eyes (How do you get your whites so white?), less heartburn, weigh loss, and increased energy are recurrent themes in what I am reading. I am picking and choosing the parts of the information that make the most sense to me and trying them out to see how my body reacts. So far it seems positive. Discussing it with my acupuncturist she concurs that my body and blood type will likely respond well to such eating habits. The increase in water-filled foods should help both my deep-entrenched dryness (as evidenced by the "cracks" in my tongue) and help lower my body temperature (which tends to run high normally, increases with the slightest sign of infection or illness, or when I have an increase in anxiety/stress). I will keep you updated on this.
  • Stress!!! It seems that stress comes and goes in waves at my job. These past two weeks have been exhausting and very stressful. I love my career, but sometimes it gets disheartening when you witness how many of these kids' families, the "system" and their situations have set them up for failure. As a clinician, you can only do so much; plant a seed, add a drop to their buckets, and hope that many other people and experiences in their lives will continue adding more. Then maybe they will overcome the adversity that they've been born into and have successful happy lives. Unfortunately, many of them will repeat the patterns of their families, but I know that some of them will succeed. Of course, I have to let go of outcomes because they are out of my control. I do what I can and hope they take some of that with them in their journeys. It is just sometimes overwhelming to recognize how widespread the negativity is.
  • Making plans and researching. Ha ha ha! I'm still not going to explain this topic on here yet.
  • A couple of trips back home are planned for upcoming weddings. We have Greg's friends' wedding soon. Luckily, I will likely know at least some of the guests since there are overlaps in circles of friends. And my brother's wedding is real soon!!! Woot woot! I still cannot believe he is actually getting married, but he is...for real. And we absolutely love his bride to be. She's already family....but now it will be legal.
  • Spring (fall) cleaning. Going through stuff, cleansing, and getting rid of the unnecessaries.
  • Sleeping like a log. I have been falling asleep quicker than usual (and that is really quick) and sleeping deep, deep, deep. When I woke up these past two mornings, my body is screaming for more. I think this is from the stress and minor sinus infection I've had going on. I should be able to catch up on some sleep this weekend.

Well, folks, I have to get to work. That's all for now.

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