Saturday, September 8, 2007

on the agenda for my future is...

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I spend too much time up in my head and thinking and planning for the future. Often, I have to remind myself to take the time to just stay present, grounded in the here and now. Some days flash by with busy-ness, where thoughts are only on what I need to get done and doing it. Most days, I am focused on things I want to accomplish and what needs to get done to reach my goals. Within the flurry of thoughts and actions to reach goals, I need to stop and take a breath, to observe the here and now.

There are times when these mini "now breaks" come without conscious reminder. This morning I experienced one of those times. I woke up before Greg had to get up for work and took some time just holding him, feeling him next to me, and holding hands. Nothing else existed in my awareness except the here and now. It was a moment of calm, bliss and serenity, no thoughts, plans or worries. As the clock ticked closer to the need to get out of bed, I was thrilled when Greg uttered, "I should be up already, but I will stay two more minutes." Two more minutes of here and now, with Greg. I even stayed in the present while making fruit smoothies for breakfast....yay rawfoods!

One of the aspects of my studies at Naropa that has aided me in being more in the here and now (and less up in my head) was the Buddhism bend to the program. Four semesters of meditation and classes in tai chi in addition to the focus on the transpersonal for three years, taught me how to ground myself; how to lower anxiety and truly experience life while living it.

We cannot stop planning for the future, but it is imperative to not miss what is happening in the present. Take a deep breath. Fill your lungs with life-giving air and just be

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Mercie said...

Oh, I have such a hard time with this...every reminder helps.