Wednesday, September 12, 2007

it's getting better all the time

Given time and patience, clarity tends to come. My mood has improved over the past couple of days. I honestly feel that eating more raw foods is having a hand in it. My mind is clearer, my energy is more consistent and my body just feels better. Letting work stress roll off my back (at least a little more than usual) is aiding it as well. Unfortunately, I have been having some difficulty falling asleep, but that will change soon once I get used to new sounds in the bedroom. (Okay, don't make any assumptions here...We did not have a baby nor is this an implication of sexual connotation. Get your mind out of the crib and the gutter! It has nothing to do with me directly and I don't feel it's appropriate to disclose such things in a public forum. Friends and family can contact us if curious.) Having an extended weekend should help bring more clarity. Spending time with family and friends will feed my soul. Seeing Greg more will definitely soothe my heart (our work schedules do not always mesh).

I want to remember that life flows with ease when we are water rather than wood. If we live life as wood, any lit match thrown at as burns us, chars us and alters our being. If we live as water, those lit matches fizzle out. We defuse the attacks, be it from other people, our jobs, or life in general. We, as water, can gently form into any container and still be level on the surface. When necessary, we can rage like the ocean to smooth broken bottles into beach glass.


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