Sunday, September 2, 2007

pay up, tenant!

We've lived in this apartment since last December. When we moved in we accommodated the landlord's request of not only first month's rent and deposit, but also last month's rent. This was on the basis of the landlord's logic that we were moving here from out of state. No problem. Our rent checks have always been slipped under his door on the first day of every month (ten months and counting). The checks have never bounced, nor have we ever requested an extension on the due date. This all leads me to wonder why he called us on the phone mid-morning yesterday to check and see if we were planning on getting him his check that day. We have an impeccable rental history with him (and our previous landlords) so why the sudden inquiry of payment?

Perhaps he:
1) needs to catch up on payments of his Beemer
2) has to pay off his bookie
3) is building a paper mache' porpoise out of rent checks and needs to finish the dorsal fin
4) isn't really sure us former New Yorkers/Coloradans can be trusted
5) has to fund his philanthropic endeavors to the "save the bartenders" fund
6) ran out of origami paper and really needed the check to finish his crane collection before winter comes
7) likes to roll around in large piles of money, laughing at us renter-folks and our silly little renting ways
8) wanted to show some authority over us hooligans
9) is using the checks insulate his floors to drown out our vast array of music that emanates from our apartment below his

I honestly have no idea, but it did make me chuckle with curiosity. (take a moment to ponder what "chuckling with curiosity" would look like.) This also made me chuckle:

(I couldn't find a better version of this song, but this is entertaining and well done for someone just playing around with the camera.)

Guess I will never know......or I could just ask him, but where's the fun in ruining my vision of him making a paper mache' porpoise?

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wish studio said...

this made me laugh and laugh! i think it's #3 :)