Wednesday, April 2, 2008

embarrassing mom, take one

Scene: Sierra Club led hike

Cast: Hike leader and husband
Eighty-something married couple
My mother
Greg Groovy


80-somethings: "We're newlyweds! Married 67 years!"
Leader: "Wow, that's great, we've been married 32 years!"
Me (chiming in without skipping a beat): "We've just been living in sin for two years."
Mom (through chokes of laughter): "Shhhhhhhh!"
Me (innocently): "Whaaaaaat???"

and scene.

I think the others thought we were truly newlyweds. No, just heathen sinners.


ann michele said...

it's ok my husband was married when i met him & we started living together........

how's that for living in sin?

NOT something anyone is super proud of. long time ago...

Rich M said...

sinnah! HIS Noodly Appendage will smite the upon thy butt cheeks!