Sunday, April 27, 2008

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In the middle of moving once again. About one third of the apartment stuff is moved and unpacked. This move is the easiest for a few reasons.

There is an overlap of occupancy; able to move in to the new place while still in the lease for the soon to be old place.

It's not smack dab in the middle of winter. (Moving after a snow storm is never fun.)

There are people nearby to help. (Quick, you all only have a few days left to make up some excuse to get out of furniture moving day!)

This nomadic lifestyle of mine has made me realize a few things, too. The meaning of home is truly in the heart and not contained within four walls.

My mother can never get a new phone book or I will lose the record of my residential history.

My best friend may be the only one who has my beeper number from the pre-cell phone days. (whew, I'm old)

There are pluses and negatives to every apartment, and you have to weight what is more important. (Would I rather have small windows or a roof that leaks?)

Folding furniture is much lighter than real, post-Ikea furniture.

I like living in different parts of the country.

People in the West think New Yorkers walk fast.

Interviewers get really nervous when deciding whether to give a nomad a job. (If you give a nomad a job, they will want a cookie eating mouse.......)

Plastic stackable bins are a nomad's handiest tool.

Moving is great exercise.

Moving makes me feel like I'm evading the authorities. It gives me an unfounded air of mystery.

I think this lifestyle makes the idea of a yurt even more appealing.

I could come up with more, but moving also makes a person tired. Time to wash up and head to bed, or mattress, which is now on the floor since the Asian wood bed frame is in the new place.

Good night and happy trails, where ever you may live!

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pink sky said...

i have moved 11 times in the last 14 years. yup. i know.