Friday, April 25, 2008

they called me names

tree II
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Often I add comments on the local newspaper's discussion forums and yesterday I commented on an electric car article. In response I was dubbed a "neo-hippie warm-mongering greenie". Meh, I've been called much worse. Funny stuff, if you ask me. Bring it on, Mr. I-need-my-SUV-to-tow-my-recreational-toys-guy, bring it on!

I hug trees and I love people.
Your friendly neighborhood conscious thinking individual......with a sense of humor.


ann michele said...

very nice..........some people are just idiots.....

good for you sticking to your guns! oh wait that's a whole other issue!


george bush is a monkey said...

Is it allowed on your blog to say you are hot? It is? Damn. Guess I'm gunna have to break the rules then.


Melissa said...

Ann Michelle - I wholeheartedly concur. Unfortunately, you can't erradicate idiots. But they do make the rest of us look even better.

George Bush is a Monkey (my new found forum friend)- thanks for the compliment :)