Monday, April 7, 2008

where have you gone?

I know my writing has been sparse lately. Part of this is because I have been living life, another part is I am settling in to things and the last part is that I am processing through some things in my melon. Here are some updates:

There has been some negative news surrounding extended family which I will not air here. I am respecting privacy but would still like to request prayers and healing be sent their way. Thank you.

In regards to my professional license, I still do not know if it is approved. The State needs one more form filled out by Naropa (my graduate school) about my internship. I do not know why they do not request this form at the beginning of the process. I guess it is just the way they do it, but the school has the form and I asked that they let me know when it has been mailed. I also needed to support that I took some specific class content they claim I am missing. I mailed in copies of syllabi that I hope will satisfy the State. If not, I will need to take one more class before they will grant me the permit. And so I wait. Patience is getting easier...or am I just becoming complacent? Sometimes it is difficult to tell.

On the job front, the temp job I have been working is still providing a safety net. Even though the woman I am filling in for returns to work on the 14th, my supervisor said that they can still use me for longer if I still need the work. I also went on an interview for a second part time job but apparently I need a criminal justice degree and a suit, neither of which I have. Didn't they actually READ my resume before hand? It clearly shows that I do not own a suit. That's another potential blog entry.

My fitness routine is going strong. Been hitting the "gym" consistently for six plus weeks now, going to yoga weekly and added jogging two/three times a week. I have noticed muscles that I never have developed before including my teeth brushing shoulder and my standy-up straight muscle group! I'm still working on the "hot ass, look my way" muscle, but it's getting there.

In other whirlwind news: we may be moving again, but this time it is in the same state and county. The pros seem to outweigh the cons. We should have our final decision on this one tonight. Seems like we are leaning towards moving. So this should be my 9th move in, um, five years? Something like that. But it is bigger and quieter, we would have some outdoor space and a driveway, and will save a considerable amount of money each year.

I have been feeling calm and pleasant joy lately. Many factors are likely leading to this and it is wonderful. I hope, despite any of your whirlwinds and ups and downs, you feel joy, too, dear readers.

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