Tuesday, April 22, 2008

these little updates

  • I have, for the most part, stopped gnawing my talons. I have been a nail bitter since...well, since I have had nails. A couple of months ago, I consciously decided to cease the nail gnaw. Now I keep having to file them down so I do not maim myself. How DO you get used to these things anyway?
  • The move has commenced. A car load here, a car load there. Making a trips every other day or so to make the final move more manageable.
  • The State is stressing me out. They received the final item they needed over a week ago...but I still have no answer. I am sure they each have a large workload, but perhaps working more that two hours a day would make actually doing the job possible. (Just venting)
  • I lifted weights for the first time in a week and it felt wonderful. That cold last week temporarily derailed me but getting the blood flowing and the weights lifting made my body rejoice!
  • My mother is holding some pictures I took with her camera hostage. Okay, not really. She just has not downloaded anything off her camera in.....hmmm, I think there are still some Christmas pictures on there......1998. No, maybe 2007.
  • I injured my left middle base knuckle (does that make sense?) quite a few months ago, but it still hurts when I lift a pot of coffee (an activity I refuse to give up).
  • Did I mention I'm left handed? Entirely inconvenient knuckle to damage.
  • I picked up one of my new pair of glasses. Still waiting for the lab to send back my other pair. I'd take a picture, but the camera is way over there (pointing and gesturing with my head).
  • I really need to get ready for work. Yes, the same temp job. They were gracious enough to let me stay on even after the woman I was filling in for returned. It's a band aid job until I hear back from the State. (Oh, they have my balls in a vice, don't they? Oh wait, I don't have any......)
  • I discovered that sometimes I cannot write if I am angry.
  • I also discovered that punching the heavy bag is not a good idea with a hurt left middle base knuckle.
  • I have decided it is time to increase my yoga practice.
  • BBQ roasted corn with butter and cajun spice is still one of my favorite foods.
  • I REALLY need to get ready for work.

Love you all!

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