Monday, April 28, 2008

i love humanity

My local newsrag's online version utilizes for discussion forums. Unfortunately, there is a large percentage of posters who use every opportunity to be racist and hateful. So why would I want to participate in these discussions when I am vehemently against hatred towards humanity? Well, it's for two reasons. If you can ignore the ignorance, there is a segment of the posters that have intelligent and thought provoking ideas to share. Also, some of the people absolutely split my sides with laughter by simply's an example:

Some people are hysterical, even the one's who attack my character for no apparent cause. Not my words or anything relevant to the topic, but me simply for posting. Read on:

There was an article about a 20 year old woman who was arrested with a whole cache of drugs in her home. In response to another poster's comment about this arrest hopefully being a way to wake the young woman up and get the help she needs, I wrote:

"And, unfortunately she'll probably learn how to be a better criminal while in prison. The prison system is more about contained criminals than rehabilitating those who are not too far in to be saved."

A rather straightforward and unobjectionable possibility I presented, right? Now, I would love to hear someone's agreement or even rebuttal on why they think this potential would not happen. But instead I got an inane reply for anther person that was simply an attack on my character. Continue on:

"Look at this **** with her picture next to her name. Listen honey, you are not good looking and the tattoo makes you look like even more of a s k a n k. I can't believe how this young generation is so insecure that they feel the need to put their picture anywhere they can on the internet."

See? Hysterical! I do not feed in to name calling or lashing back because there is really no point in arguing back and forth. I do find stuff like this incredibly amusing and good blog fodder. Just to observe the human behavior unfold in a public, yet mostly anonymous forum is interesting.

Lets dissect, shall we? The picture - A thumbnail size of this:

Apparently, I'm "not that good looking" - Hmm, I don't think I'm half bad, but I guess I'm not his type. Meh.

"the tattoo makes you look like even more of a s k a n k". So, even sans the tattoo, I already look skanky? Huh...... Oh, that's right! I must have photoshopped out the kielbasa that I was deep throating. The kielbasa was tattooed also. Damn, and I thought this was just kind of artsy. Guess I was wrong.

Let's move on:

"I can't believe how this young generation is so insecure that they feel the need to put their picture anywhere they can on the internet." Wait, did he just say I was part of the "young generation"? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (milk coming out of my least I didn't say kielbasa was....never mind.) I really wonder what age this guy thinks I am, and I want to thank him for thinking that I am younger than I am. Second, if I was insecure I would have put a cartoon drawing of a kielbasa as my icon and not show myself in the pic at all. I'm pretty darn okay with me.....despite my poor taste in kielbasa references. (Wow, I really am a bad vegetarian. I could have at least been referencing a "soy pup" or something.)

Without name calling, my simple response was: "Darn, so you won't marry me and make me feel secure about myself? You must be a member of the American Psychological Association with your brilliant analysis and assessment of who I am. What need was satisfied in you by lashing out at me?"

Alas, he never came back to enlighten me. Though there was another "night in cyber honor" that defended me by ripping on this guy (via name calling of course), and pointed out that he thought I was hot.

I am okay with myself, no matter what cyber posters say about me one way or the other. I do find all of this amusing. Hope you got some amusement out of this, too.

Disclaimer: no kielbasa was hurt in the writing of this post. However, a soy dog had his feelings hurt quite badly. He is currently getting a psychological assessment by the guy who lashed out at me.

If you squint, it kind of looks like a keilbasa:

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Rich M said...

Aww. Melissa, you can be my cell mate any day! At least I'd know our escape attempts would be amusing.

Okay, so I'll add something intelligent when less pressed for time!