Saturday, February 16, 2008

grasping the brass ring

The brass ring

striving for the highest prize

living life to the fullest

What is your brass ring? Perhaps there are many answers to this....what is it you strive for? What are the things you have accomplished and are proud of? You deserve recognition, even if it is only in my blog for today. What are the next steps in your journey? I want to know what you all are doing and thinking. Even all you lurkers, who visit my page and never seem to's okay to break your silence. I really want you to share, participate, let us know a little about yourself.....connect.



Malin said...

Hi, my name is Malin, I'm from Sweden. I'm actually not going to answer your question (at least not now, maybe later), but ask you another question: I'm curious about the expression "grasping the brass ring". Does that mean that you have reached your goal, or that you're striving to reach it? Ie "grasp" as trying to get it, or as having achieved it?

Most grateful for some help in this issue!

Melissa said...

The expression "grasping the brass ring" comes from old carousels that challenged riders to grab a ring that hung next to the ride. If you're lucky enough to have your horse in the up position while you past, you would grab the ring. If the ring you grasped happened to be the brass one, you got an extra ride. I may not have explained this too clearly, but maybe this will help:

As a saying it is about reaching for your goals.

Malin said...

Thank you so much, Melissa. That helps me a lot!

And thanks for kind words on my blog. You are welcome back! I'm going to come back to yours and read more :)