Thursday, February 21, 2008

this is good for me???

In my never-ending journey to get and stay healthy and fit, I started lifting weights again. Monday and Wednesday, I hit the gym and did two full-body workouts. I have not done any hardcore weight workouts in a long time, preferring less strenuous, but healthy activities such as yoga, walking and biking. Gauging by the way my body is responding to lifting I NEED the resistance training.

Oh yes, I hurt and will probably be rather sore tomorrow (damn you weak calf muscles!!) however, it is a good kind of hurt. The kind that says, "You did a good job and you are getting strong again". For that, I cannot complain. I feel good in my soreness, and proud of myself for lifting again.

Oh, and by "gym" I don't mean "fitness center". Lucky for me, my parents have a full gym in their basement and even a hot tub to soak sore muscles. My father joked, "The gym is free but the spa will cost ten bucks." To which I responded by showing up last night with a membership card clearly stating that the spa is included with my membership. Silly father, you forget you raised a kid with a snarky sense of humor and an ability to cleverly get around roadblocks. Woot Woot! where's the Icy-Hot?


kristen said...

i would love to have access to a home gym - instead i pay dearly for one that is nice, but.

i need to start getting back to weights again.

Melissa said...

It is amazing how the things that make us feel good, seem to be the things that go to the wayside first. I am trying my darndest to be consistant this time.