Wednesday, February 27, 2008

run, melissa, run

The workouts are certainly getting easier, the "morning after ouchies", not so ouchie anymore. Now I would like to find some good, safe places to jog. There does not seem to be any tracks within walking distance and the sidewalks/roads are not the best. I suppose I can drive somewhere, but I do love the convenience of stepping out my front door and beginning my workout immediately. I would also like to find a 10k on LI to use as motivation. Back in Colorado I was training myself for the Bolder Boulder, but became really sick a month before it and had to stop running. Prior to that, I was amazed at how my body adapted to training and how much I actually enjoyed running. I have that itch again, to run. There is some sense of accomplishment with increased distances run and a means to clear my and ground myself mind while doing it.

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