Tuesday, February 26, 2008

happy birthday, mommola pastramola

She's just like a mom....only smaller!
(Seriously, don't know how I came from her. Good thing I wasn't a big baby!)
And it's her birthday!!!!
Woot Woot! When I was young, every year she told me that she was turning 23.
After, oh say, the fourth year, I caught on.
And I cried and cried.
Not because she wasn't 23,
but because she lied to me!
(I can't believe my mother lied to me!!!! waaaaaa!
I think I may have aged her a lot that year.)
Then I accepted it and happily became older than her
on my 24th birthday.
You don't look a day over 22!


RM said...

awww, look at those two beautiful ladies ...

Happy B-day, Momma M.

ann michele said...

my mom always told me she was 29....this year she turns 60 and i turn 30......YIKES!

on her 58th birthday two of my friends & i took her up a 14'er in breckenridge....i had just found out i was pregnant so we didn't go all the way up....but we made it to about 12,700 feet.....can you believe that at 58 years old? i am sure she will never forget that birthday....

you guys are so cute!

Melissa said...

Ann Michele - Right on! Sounds like your mom kicks butt! My mom still walks four plus miles most days, takes yoga and generally rocks. When she came visiting me in Boulder, she went hiking with me with ease despite being a low-lander.

Rich - Passed on your voice mail (I was at the folks' house when you left the message) and she said thanks.