Friday, February 1, 2008

will work for money

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I have already been offered an amazing job, in the setting I want to work in, with the population I want to work with, and at a great starting salary. The catch is, I cannot start this job without first having my limited permit professional license. Everything has been submitted to the state for review and, provided I took all the classes that this state requires (each state is different), I will have no problem getting approval. Of course, the state being the state, this can take up to two months. My future employer says this is no problem, as soon as I have it I can start working there, even if it takes the full two months.
So now I have up to two months of not having my permanent dream job. What to do for the next bunch of weeks? My wit and charm mean nothing to the landlord, utility complany and banks (can you believe that???) and I do not want to take a full-time permanent job under false pretense. I guess it's back to the temp agencies for the time being, unless something else falls into my lap.
Yes, I will work.....for money.

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