Tuesday, February 12, 2008

yawn ----stretch----- zzzzzz

Oh, man, I am really quite tired tonight, but it has been a week since I posted so I want to write something. (Read: do not have high expectations of reading any deep thoughts or witty writing.) I started working a temp job last week, and this office rocks! The atmosphere is great: enough work to make the time go quickly, really nice coworkers that are personable and earlier hours (8:15-4:30) so I miss Long Island traffic.....well, except today. Sheets of ice under a slick layer of snow make my 19 mile commute take two hours, forty-five minutes....eeeesh! I arrived home safe to a smiling Greg and some shrimp/quinoa/fresh spinach wraps (holy freakin yum).

I received a confirmation letter (two identical ones actually) about NYS receiving my license/limited permit applications and they will be reviewing my information (a practice in patients).

This weekend I have check out sizing for a bridesmaid dress for my cousin's upcoming nuptials.

Last Wednesday, I got to babysit my two favorite wee ones, which was a blast.

Wow, I am really just rambling and I have no idea if this is coherent one bit, so.....time to get some sleep. Dream time! Woot woot!

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