Wednesday, February 13, 2008

insert alarm clock buzzing here.

Is it morning already??!?! But, maaaaaa, I don't wanna go to school today (sulk sulk). Sigh. I'm tired. Damn tired. One and a half cups of coffee so far, and, oddly enough, a cheese and mustard sandwich for breakfast (!!!) I just could not do "sweet" this morning. Hopefully, the caffeine will kick in any minute now.......

I am not one who has my day determined by what my horoscope says, but they are fun to read. My favorite daily horoscope is on MyYahoo. It is usually more like a sound bit of daily reminders to start my day off. Here is today's:

"There will be a pause in the action today -- you have a lot of momentum going on in various projects right now, but it's time for patience, not for progress. Slowing down will give you a chance to kick off your shoes, sit down and get comfortable. Work on learning how to accept the fact that you can't always have things happen as quickly as you think you want them to. The universe has a different speed in mind for you, and it's liberating to just go with it.

Don't worry, Universe, my mantra as of late is still "patience pays".

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