Monday, May 9, 2011

hang up the f*@#ing phone because I drive a lexus

The other day I was irately screamed at by an angry red-raging-faced guy in a Lexus demanding for me to "HANG UP THE F*@#ING PHONE!!!!!" Now, before you get upset about the thought of me driving while talking illegally on my cellphone, let me tell you what happened.

The day was Friday around 5:15pm. I was driving my standard transmission car on a two-lane main road during the rush hour commute. My normal habit at red lights is to put my car in first gear to anticipate the upcoming green light. Well, it was Friday. I was tired. While sitting at a light in the right lane, I failed to put the car into first. The light turned green and I attempted to accelerate to no avail. The car barely budged. In my post-work head space, I looked down at my stick shift in confusion. When I realized it was in third gear I corrected my mistake and began to accelerate. Apparently, all of this took much to much time for Mr. Lexus, who was behind me, and his very important timeline. He pulled up next to me while I was gazing down to see what gear I was in and assumed I was on the phone, distracted from the fact that the light changed.

He began screaming and gesturing for me to hang up the f*@#ing phone. I just looked at him with a calm and rather blank confused stare, wondering why this guy is so incredibly angry.

First and most importantly, I was not on my cell phone.

Second, if you want to be upset that I took a moment to accelerate, at least scream "LEARN TO PUT THE CAR YOU HAVE DRIVEN SINCE 2005 INTO THE PROPER GEAR SO YOU CAN GET THE HELL OUT OF MY VERY IMPORTANT WAY!!!!" Then I would say, fair enough and touche' Mr. Lexus.

Third, if you really were that anxious to get to your very important destination, why are you wasting your time yelling three times at me before zipping dangerously in front of me from the left lane next to me to the right side entrance ramp you needed to get to?

Not that I don't get angry or annoyed myself, but this guys level of anger was way too intense even if I was on the phone. There must have been veins bulging in his forehead. This can not be good for his health. At least I am able to find the humor in it and, in some odd way, this event brightened my day (despite my concerns for the over population of overly stressed, type-a, Lexus driving angry men in the world).

Drive safely, I keep it in gear!

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