Tuesday, May 31, 2011

little house on the bay

Yes, a very productive weekend and morning.

Mowed the lawn with the new reel mower. It works awesome and so quiet. I started mowing the same time as the neighbor across the street with the same size lot. He was pushing a gas mower yet I finished mowing before him. Helps to not have to stop to fill the tank.

Did a mess-load of planting flowers and vegetables.

Put up chicken wire around the raised beds.

Moved some large rocks to line the beds flanking the front entry. Glad the previous owner has not picked up their wheelbarrow yet.

This morning:
Two loads of laundry including drying using the clothes line.

Did some more unpacking of stuff.

Cleaned the rabbits' cages and discovered the Beatrix (the new rescue rabbit) can jump over the dog pen.

Paid some bills.

And now I am off to work! Only three weeks left at this job, which is bittersweet. More on that later.
Happy spring!

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