Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i should be getting ready for work...

...so to quell my guilt I am multitasking as I type. Just hope I don't get toothpaste into the keyboard. I felt the need to briefly revisit joy and let you all know I still feel that underlying pervasive joy beneath everything.

Underlying: as in lying or situated beneath, substratum, fundamental and basic

Pervasive: as in spreading throughout all parts

Joy: as in great happiness, pleasure, bliss, delight, ecstasy and elation

I don't know where this stemmed from but I am guessing this seed was planted long, long ago and it has been germinating for years. It has been blooming for a good ten years, growing stronger and more fragrant daily. This feeling is there during mundane tasks and celebratory moments alike. I feel this even in times of sorrow, grief, upset and anger.  

That joy is always there.
It is the joy of living and sharing in this human experience.
It is even in the joy of clean teeth and minty fresh breath!

It would bring me even more joy if you feel it too!

Om puppy!

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