Wednesday, May 18, 2011

pow! right in the kisser

I sometimes say stupid things.
I like colorful things.
I adore colorful people.
I'm obsessed with the cuteness of my rescue pets.
I think cold wet dog noses are therapeutic when they precede a doggy kiss on your cheek. 
I have too many unfinished projects.
I consider myself and unfinished project.
I once stabbed my own foot with a pitchfork.
I learned that horsing about with someone who is holding lopping shears is a bad idea.
I love portobello mushrooms.
I am allergic to mushrooms.
I believe I am two inches taller than I really am.
I love the smell of citrus.
I am addicted to tomatoes and tomato products.
Books I cannot read are ones that bore me within the first three chapters.
I hate doing dishes.
I like doing laundry.
Sometimes my honesty holds me back.
My poker face is broken when peoples' actions are just plain illogical.
I haven't gotten punched in the face...well, except that one time.


Jane said...

great list!! I find myself putting a book down when I don't like the first paragraph :)

Melissa said...

First paragraph? Ha ha ha! It is often true that if the first paragraph doesn't grab me, usually the next two chapters won't either. This could be a time saver.