Wednesday, May 4, 2011

see you at cheap johns!

Today, the first day at my new (second) job, triggers those familiar giddy feelings I had on the first day of school. New adventures, new teachers, new classmates and the excitement of going to Cheap Johns for brand spankin' new school supplies. The line stretched the length of the store but it was inevitably filled with fellow classmates to share first day stories with. Ah, heaven! Off to catch the school bus!


Melissa said...

Ack! First day meeting was cancelled. No first day of work for me today. Feel free to re-read this post next Wednesday.

Jane said...

Yes, I know that feeling well when it's time to embark on something new. As an effort to keep my anxieties at bay, I'm trying to learn how to embrace the butterflies :)) I started my job 3 months ago and I'm amazed at how much I've taught myself. Good luck with the new (second) job!!