Monday, May 9, 2011

syringa, it's springa!

Every spring, no matter how lovely the weather becomes, I must wait for the nearest lilac bush to burst into color and share it's sweet scent before I declare that the season has indeed changed. Once I've filled my senses with all that lilacs have to offer, it is officially spring. I have always silently vowed to the Universe that when I own my first home, I would plant a lilac plant I can closely eye and eagerly await the first fragrant flowers to appear. To my complete delight, while on my way out the door to go to Mother's Day festivities, I looked to my right and saw it: some beautiful blooms bursting open in my own garden. Without pause, I made my way to the purple clusters and deeply inhaled the heavenly perfume. To my even greater joy, there are three lilac plants right there, ten feet from my kitchen door!
Yes, my dear ones, spring is officially here!

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