Wednesday, May 11, 2011

taking time to smell the trees at 55mph

My way-too-long drive to my full time gig includes a stint on the Southern State Parkway which is a winding, tree-lined, three lane parkway that, when you aren't in a rush, is quite a lovely road (as far as parkways go). With the beautiful weather yesterday, my windows were opened allowing the fresh clean air to swirl around me. To my utter delight I kept getting periodic wafts of fragrant floral scent. Oh, those lovely white-bloomed trees are gently perfuming the air and I am adoring it. What a pleasant commuting experience that snapped me out of my "go to get to work" mindset and brought me back to the here and now. It's these moments, these little snippets of time, that remind me that life is good indeed.


Rachelle said...

lovely thoughts, Melissa. Nature is always reminding us that change is the constant we can depend on. In this case, change is a beautiful experience. Spring, with its rebirth and renewel is life giving.

Rachelle :-)

Jane said...

I just smelled honeysuckles on my morning walk the other day and something about that scent transports me!