Sunday, May 15, 2011

is judge wapner presiding?

Oh yes, I got summonsed for jury duty! Monday afternoon, I get to show up for jury duty selection. Wonder if I will get picked this time? The first time I was summonsed in New York, I was attending community college so I lugged my school books with me and did homework while I sat there for hours only to be told at the end, "Everyone who has not been selected, you are free to go. Thank you for your time." That day felt like a really long study hall.

My second jury notice in New York, well, I had already moved to Colorado. Obviously, I did not have to come in.

Third notice was to serve in Colorado and the notice stated it was even for for a major murder trail! Exciting! They said if you are over 70 miles from the court house, they would pay some nominal fee extra for mileage. I had just moved to Rhode Island and they were not willing to pay for 19000 miles in nominal mileage fees. Shucks.

This time they got me in the right state. For many years Suffolk County had a system where you got a number and you didn't have to come in unless your Friday call in included your juror number. This system is no more. Now they have four chunks of numbers and everyone has to show up. Friday call in now reveals which court and what time you need to be there. So it goes that Monday afternoon I will be going to the court house. To make my day enjoyable, I am going to meet up with my dearest friend for some brunch beforehand. I will have a couple of books with me to bide the time while sitting and waiting. Then I am going to catch up with a friend I haven't seen in many years. Should prove to be an interesting day.

Oh, and I'd settle for Judge Judy if Wapner isn't available. Did you know he dated Lana Turner in high school?

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