Thursday, July 5, 2007


The Fourth has come and gone in a soggy thud. As I once explained to a friend from Canada: the Fourth of July is all about the three B's: Barbecues, Beer and Blowin' shit up. Despite the rain on the fourth, Greg and I did get to enjoy some sky sparklies on the third. We had gone for our regular five-mile walk along part of the bike trail. Apparently some of the fireworks displays were changed to that night, including one by the Capitol and another at a local park. It was amazing to see how many people actually live in this town (East Providence). Normally we see just a handful of people biking, fishing or walking along this route, but that night the roads were jam-packed with Third of July revelers staring skyward, kids running around laughing and pointing excitedly at the technicolor display. It was nice to see.

As for the Fourth, there were none of the B's for us. 1- We have no yard and BBQ to grill some veggie-delights on (poor Greg so often misses out on the real meat options since I do a lot of the cooking and shopping) 2- We don't drink all that often since it costs money and has too many empty calories and 3- The weather was not conducive to flame (though some brave souls were shooting stuff off around the corner from us so it wasn't a total boom-less holiday.

After being cooped up in the apartment, (I did do some drawing during the day) we took a "Sunday" drive through the northwest section of Rhode Island and the Providence Plantations (Didn't know that was the full name of this state, did you?). A much less developed area of RI. It was nice to see someplace new and I find driving therapeutic. The day ended with me falling asleep in Greg's arms. An overall enjoyable day indeed.

One of the things about days like this, I tend to stay "up in my head" a lot, thinking about life, the universe and everything (yes, yes, Douglas Adams reference noted). Many thoughts were rolling around and I was able to process through some old stuff, painful but necessary. Just trying to figure out how to fully get passed them so not to repeat old patterns in new situations. The awareness is a huge part of healing. I also find being able to ground in the here and now extremely helpful. Watching artful explosions has also helped.

Well, whatever your experience was on the Third and Fourth, I wish you a Happy Fifth of July.


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Joe S. said...

"Sunday" drives are awesome! I love cruising around, exploring new areas of the island.

My 4th had all 3 b's. One of Marie's friends invited us to the rooftop of her apartment building (no, not to push us off!) to watch the Macy's barge shoot off an obscene amount of fireworks. I had never seen this in person. It was pretty cool, but kinda UNromantic since there were about 60 other people on the small roof with us... Next year I think we'll drive to a lonely stretch of road out East somewhere and watch the fireworks from a distance, just the two of us.