Sunday, July 29, 2007

cry me a river

So, we had a little bit of rain a few minutes ago. My car looks like it was driving through puddles when, in fact, the puddles were splashing under my car. We took our shoes off, waded through the street disguised as a river and moved the autos to the lot next door (aka higher ground).

It's hot, it's humid and it's sticky. We even invested in an air conditioner yesterday and had the first good night sleep in months. Maybe this river will whisk some of the yucky thick air away. I have never been so good with hot weather. No, you won't see me retiring to Florida, unless global chilling happens or some other twist of fate gets me there.

Oh, incidentally, I have decided to be rich very soon. This working poor thing is no longer working for me. Starting now, I am going to manifest my life the way I want it to be and I want to be a rich, eccentric, philanthropist who can afford central air conditioning AND the bill. Where I can pay someone to move my Hyundai during a rain storm.

OK, I think the heat has gotten to me. Time to take a cool shower, put the window a/c on, hole myself up in the bedroom and look through the classified ads for a second job to help pay the bills.

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