Sunday, July 8, 2007

marching red

While at home working on some projects, I heard faint marching band music in a tune I did not recognize growing louder. Peering out of my red blinds, I noticed a parade of some sort traversing up my street. I grabbed the camera and headed out to the balcony to discover some sort of Portuguese organizations (I believe) walking in step to the drum, displaying beautiful red, gold and white flags and pillows, many of which adorned with crowns and white doves. Some of the robust people wore beautiful red capes, some carried three red or white candled candelabras, others carrying silver or gold crowns adorned with flowers. It was a wonderful moment to share in this parade regardless of my ignorance of the significance. The somber music, the beautiful ethnic faces, the children being carried in the arms of adoring parents and everyone dressed to the nines. Even the guy we call Silent Bob, that hangs around the mart across the way playing Keno, was cleaned up and looking his best. The thing that grabbed me the most was the red....the color that sparks so much in me.

It is amazing how you can feel part of something just by simply standing on the sidelines and taking it all in through the eyes and ears, and capturing a moment that I don't fully understand in pictures.

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