Friday, July 20, 2007

vicarious living and polish reminiscing

I added a new blog to my "daily reading" list to the right. "The Traveling Schell Show" is penned by an old friend from high school who is currently traveling in Europe and writing about his experience. He emailed yesterday to send me the link.

I love the fact that he sent the message from Poland, since my Polish grandmother talked of the home land and her time there. I can still recite a Polish folk tale about a chicken, tell you "Today I am sad", "thank you", "grandmother" and "eat" in Polish. The "eat" is from my great grandmother who told me "Jeść, jeść! Or the little bear is going to come and eat your food!" Thanks for the eating disorder and paranoia of bears, Babcia! ha ha ha...I jest. Oh, and for the record, "shitski" is not really was just a way for great grandmother to curse in front of us and try to make us think it was just a Polish word. Man, come to think of it, great grandma had some colorful language! I think that is more foreign language retention then my four years of Spanish in school!

Anyway, take a gander at his writing and have a vicarious trip through Europe. Suddenly, I'm craving babka, pierogis and chrusciki.

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