Sunday, July 1, 2007

rocks and bottlenecks

Sometimes I get incredibly frustrated, mostly by my own volition due to my lack of patience in accomplishing the stuff I want to do and the goals I want to achieve. Often my thoughts are moving much swifter than the laws of physics, reality, the here and now, and the world in general will allow me to go. Then there are the times, like now, where my thoughts and goals get bottle-necked and the "stuckness" comes...I feel like I am accomplishing nothing. Now this is far from reality, but in my own realm of experience, it appears that way. (Heck, I could be curing a disease and still would think I wasn't accomplishing enough.) I'm not a perfectionist by any means, but I do expect a lot from myself and my life.

Sometimes I just need to slow down and realize that even the little seed that sprouts in the crack of a boulder needs time to grow and a source of nutrients to get bigger....and lots of patience. Eventually, the roots will grow deeper and will widen the crack and sever pieces of the rock (adversity) that is slowing it down. Hmmm, I think I just likened my own head to a rock. (Guess my dad was right when he called me hardheaded.) I think it's time for me to list my goals to make them more concrete for me (there's a theme of hard objects in this entry, eh?). Since I am more visual and kinesthetic, I will probably write or draw them by hand, but I will share this at a later time.

Well, I'm off to go accomplish a few smaller goals around the apartment before my rock-solid lover-boy gets home ;)

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