Tuesday, July 3, 2007

where is the compassion

Caretaking and compassion are the themes and underlying values I strive to live my life with each day. Yet I am conflicted and seem to have no compassion for the compassion-less. I actually am down right angry. How do I find empathy for the out-of-touch, never-had-to-struggle person who deems others only important as numbers and dollar signs? When did they lose touch with the human in humanity? Do they find themselves human or are they working machines feeding into the illusion and not seeing the bigger systems at play here? This is not corporate America I am talking about either...this is happening in human services.

Well, that's my early morning rant. I know it's a bit vague but my mother always told me, never put in writing what you don't want someone to read. Then again, she also taught me to "kick some ass"....time to shake up the system. :)

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Melissa said...

Ok, I am commenting on my own blog, but I have another piece to add to this post. Today, I actually heard the words (pretty much word for word): "It doesn't matter what's clinically appropriate, we have to keep the census up." Are these kids not more important than the dollar signs they represent? It is so frustrating. While expressing this to a friend/colleague/cohort in the energetic universe, he gave me wise words to ponder: You are his teacher (insert deep breath here)