Friday, July 13, 2007

better day

Let me quickly evaluate my self care from yesterday.

(1) Rest - I did take it easy. CHECK

(2) Acupuncture - Went to my appointment at 5:15 and it was wonderful. My headache finally went away, joint aches lessened and felt really balanced afterwords. CHECK

(3) Organizing - I did some cleaning, moved some furniture slightly in the living room and did all the dishes. Feels good to have gotten some of it done. CHECK

(4) Gardening - I moved the plants to a sunnier place by the window and I consulted with my gardening expert (my mom) about some of my "babies" that aren't doing so well. After describing the situation, she said it sounds like I need to aerate the soil and move some of them onto the balcony. She couldn't remember the stuff she used to use to aerate dense soil but, of course, remembered as soon as we hung up the phone. That led to a phone answering experience that may have been the first of it's kind ever. The phone rang, I answered with a "hello" and the first word I heard was "vermiculite!". Bet you never answered the phone to hear that word uttered, eh? Gardening. CHECK

So overall, my plan was a success. This morning, I still feel a little off but I am going to head into the office and get some work done, meet with a few clients and then head home to do some more self care. It is still up in the air as to going on a hike in NH on Saturday. I don't know if I can do enough self care and rest to be up for a hike. We'll see. Again, it's about being kind to myself. Vermiculite!

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Leah said...

sounds like a lovely, healing day to me! i did some organizing and some resting as well and feel loads better. hope you have a beautiful weekend!