Friday, July 27, 2007

company picnic 101

blackmail....of myself
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What I learned at the company picnic:

I truly enjoy taking candid photos of people. This does not shock me, I just was able to embrace the joy. (With permission, I will post some them on flickr)

There is a proper "cradling" technique that can get you to win egg tosses. I do not possess this skill.

Bingo can be an outdoor activity provided it is not breezy enough to blow the cards off the table.

Many of my coworkers have beautiful children.

People throwing barbecues do not take into consideration that some attendees might be vegetarian. Mmmmm side dishes and water!

I will resort to wearing a skirt when I haven't done laundry in three weeks and I get wood stain on my last pair of clean pants.

Corn-on-the-cob can be prepared poorly.

I am willing to take blackmail pictures of myself to balance out the ones I take of other people.

Some of my coworkers are enjoyable to hang out with.

It's confirmed: I still do not like hot weather.

I prefer when Greg can attend things with me.

With the exception of my friend Trypt, Ice cream truck drivers are creepy.

Company picnics do not make me say, "Hey, I may not get paid for overtime, but this bland corn makes the job all worth while!"

Kids can entertain themselves by simply running around a baseball diamond.

Company picnic attendence is obligatory.

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