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A few months back, we were noticing these yellow "BH" signs in and around the area. They always had arrows pointing one way or the other, but other than mild curiosity, we did not think much about it. Then one day I was driving home and happened to be going passed that day's BH destination and, just around the corner from home, eyed a film production. Now, my gut told me this was a professional company. Thanks to the wonders of the internet and my adept sleuthing abilities, I figured out this is all for Showtime's show "Brotherhood", based and filmed in and around Providence.

Since we had only lived in East Providence for a couple of months and are too poor to afford premium cable we never knew about this series. We rented the first season through our friendly online video rental service and caught up on the happenings on "the Hill", a fictitious version of the Federal Hill area of Providence run by a fictitious governing body with a fictitious mobster brother....based on some reality. Some of the episodes are a little slow and you have to watch all the episodes to understand what is going on but it is actually a pretty good show. One actor stands out: Jason Isaacs who is fantastic at playing a depraved sociopathic criminal who can kill with no remorse and show authentic love to his brother's kids. Brilliant! And he does the best local accent despite his England roots.

Last night we were coming home from dinner and passed one location being set up about a mile up the road from us. As we pulled up to our place, it was obvious that they were also shooting at Cordeiro's Mart literally two buildings up the street. The scene had Fionnula Flanagan ("Rose Caffee" - The Matriarch) in the store. Hmmm...those shelves are never that stocked when we go in there for milk. And I wonder if they replaced some of that out of date cheese?

I put some of the pictures on flickr....of the shoot, not the cheese.

Now, I have the song, Brotherhood of Man from "How to Succeed in Business..." in my head and it will not go away. (It is my own "It's a Small World" tune that gets stuck firing in my neurons ever since I did "How to..." at Airport Playhouse many moons ago. It's just so darn catchy.) Here's the Drew Carey version for your toe tapping pleasure:

I also found this gem while searching for the above video. This is fantastic!

Okay, so this blog was a stream of conscience all linked to brotherhood. I wonder how my brother, Paul, is doing....... And when will I meet Jason Isaacs?

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