Sunday, August 19, 2007

back to the (coffee) grind

My week off from work is coming to a unimpressive close. It's Sunday night and I am digesting the vegetarian burrito I made for myself earlier. Greg is still at work and won't be home for a while so I think I will jump into reading one of the raw foods books I took out of the library yesterday. I really should crack open my agenda book first to see if I have to trek down to Newport for a staff meeting in the morning or just into the office instead (34 miles compared to 3 miles). However, I will worry about that after I brush my teeth. Always better to prepare for the next day with minty fresh breath, I say!

This past week has been a nice reprieve from even thinking about work. That, in itself, makes vacations wonderful. Time to recharge my battery and take a break from "therapizing" adolescents. I work with some wonderful kids who have been born into some less-than-wonderful situations. I love my work but sometimes I need to step away from it for a few days and reground myself.

This vacation week was not very restful though. There has been much going on but some things are starting to fall into place quite nicely, thanks to my wonderful friends. (I will fill you in on this stuff/changes/etc. I keep hinting about at a later date. Now is not the appropriate time to post it all publicly. E-mail me if you just can't wait and need to know now, and I'll think about telling you.) It's amazing how, even after residing out of New York for the last four and a half years, my dear old friends are still important parts of my world. It's nice to be reconnecting with people from the past and even building new friendships back home. Despite a bit of recent added stress, life seems to be feeling more full lately and more fulfilling. So much to do, so busy planning and dealing with snags that come up, but such an overall feeling of joy permeates everything. Life is good.

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