Tuesday, August 28, 2007

i found jesus! he was behind the couch the whole time!

Like most good news rags, the NY Daily News is keeping up on the Michael Vick story. According to today's online paper, Mr. Vick has admittedly "found Jesus" and is apparently looking for redemption. (ahem, or sympathy from the courts???)

In regard to "what he is going through" (poor, poor Vick) he is quoted as saying, "Through this situation, I found Jesus and asked him for forgiveness and turned my life over to God," said Vick, 27. "I think that's the right thing." (And, as evidenced by his past actions, he's a good judge of the "right thing", isn't he?)

That's great! Now here's a question (and mind you, I'm no theological scholar) but wouldn't it have made more sense and saved a lot of canine suffering if this knucklehead would have found religion BEFORE abusing animals and getting sucked into the gambling of it all? You mean to tell me that throughout his twenty-seven years of life he miraculously found Jesus only after getting busted? And only now knows that animal cruelty is wrong?

I believe that spirituality, religion and faith are wonderful things for good, honest people to possess. It also grates my ass when people use the "god card" for sympathy and leniency when facing legal charges or jail time. If someone is expressing what is true in their heart, then that is wonderful, but when it is for self preservation....just remember, the God you are pledging allegiance to is watching.

So, is it wrong to discuss Jesus and things that "grate my ass" in the same blog? Ah well, forgive me Father, for I have linguistically sinned.


Lin said...

I totally agree with you. I just fail to understand how anyone can abuse an animal and somehow miss that it is terrified and in pain. Once I heard a line about every life being cherished by its owner. Seems more people should remember that!

Thanks for letting me vent.

Lisa G said...

Hey Melissa, thanks for coming over to my blog and commenting, I love it when I follow the link back to find another great blog!
Loved this post btw, I think they must teach the 'I've found God' defence strategy in law school, cause it's amazing how many people discover this about themselves after they've been busted!