Wednesday, August 15, 2007

dr schnookleheimer times two

Dr Schnookleheimer
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The original and his prodigy. That's me and my grandfather way back when. I scanned this picture while Greg and I were out on Long Island this week visiting our families and trying to figure out the next step in our journey. We also visited two of the schools Greg is interested in possibly attending to study acupuncture. I am so excited for him (even a little jealous) that he'll be learning this modality that I respect so much, but I am open to being his guinea pig when he needs to practice. We have a lot of things to think about and consider over the next couple of months; exciting changes, moving forward towards goals, and getting to a better place.

Today I am in a weird head-space. I think it's a combination of having slept on an air mattress for a bunch of nights, dealing with some stressful things that I choose not to air here, the extra travel hour yesterday due to Connecticut traffic and getting woken up twice by wrong numbers this morning. I am tired and need to go food shopping, so I am off to shower and shop. When more coherence enters my foggy head, I will blog something more cohesive.

The doctor is: OUT

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