Monday, August 6, 2007

what red button?

what red button?
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And I'm the Polish one???!!! Sheesh! Who made this door handle? A red-green color blind guy?

Anyway, I was passing time while the laundry spun in circles and decided to see if I could find any interesting photo ops of the non-celebrity kind. It helped the time pass by and it was certainly not celebrity night at the Super Suds. I am thrilled that my dad handed down this "old clunker" camera to me. I'm having a blast playing around with it and trying to figure out all buttons and settings. Manual? Sure I have one of those! Oh, you're supposed to read it? Huh? Really?? Who knew!? But, come on, where's the challenge in that?

Enjoy the photos. More musings at a later time. Have to go have a zen-like moment and fold the laundry. Click on my flickr badge in the right column if you wish to see the rest of the visual delights I decided to post.

Until next time, my beloved readers. Smooch!

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