Thursday, August 9, 2007

illusions, delusions and change

Being a model for someone else's art piece does not make you an artist, just as much as being written into someone's story does not make you an author. Do we all live in such delusions? Or only to the already delusional? Perhaps we are all delusional, overly influenced by what we wish we are or what the media tells us we are. There are boys in a group home that are so pissed off that there is no Sonic in the area, since the commercials tell them it is so good and they want it. There are people I know that are so out of touch with what most people struggle with since they have never struggled monetarily and never took the time to see what most people's reality is. So much illusion.

Enough on that for now. Just a brief, brief, brief update about the pending changes. School for Greg (joy, joy, joy), lease on our apartment to an end, changing life in new directions, and, after an amazing conversation yesterday evening, loving Greg even more. Also, mini-vacation commencing in a few days. No work, visits with family and friends, relaxing in the hot tub, swimming in the pool and talking details of pending change.

Water is currently clear, but this is the only photo I have of the pool with it's new brickwork.

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ann michele said...

hey....thanks for checking up on my blog every now & then! i read yours when i can find time. it's funny all the things you joke about...i especially loved the one with your grandmother and stuff...:o)