Thursday, August 30, 2007

blue's clues

A clue!
A clue!

It does not tell me much but
it's a clue!!!!

This does not squelch my curiosity, but it is something. As I still wonder about the blue building down the road everyday (since I pass it when I get off I-195 at Warren Ave), but this is the new information that I gathered. In the window above the right entrance, you can spy a banner that says "allmilmo" and some foreign writing. Through the magic of the Internet, a search provided the information that almilmo is a German Kitchen design company. So that makes me surmise that the corner store in the building may have been an interior designer's business or kitchen design showroom. That's not much to go by, but this is the most tangible info I have been able to drum up.

The other, extremely vague, tidbit was from a woman in a passing car. When Gregory and I were around the building photographing interesting details of the building, a woman in the passenger seat of a passing car inquired if we were going to be buying the structure. We replied that, no, that was not our intention, but rather we are fascinated and curious about it. She added that there were some groups that used the space upstairs. It seemed like she was implying some sort of support group. She was not very clear with her description and the driver appeared eager to continue on to their destination as evidence by his continual inching forward of the car. We thanked the woman and bid her adieu.

I will still continue my research and see what I did up. It is quite the sleuthing adventure. An exciting, albeit slow, adventure but I have not surrendered yet. Next stop: Town Hall records!


Mercie said...

I wish more people were curious. Too many people walk by the old and abandoned without wondering anything at all.

Melissa said...

I wonder if it is lack of curiosity or if it is more the issue of people are so wrapped up in their thoughts, past and future, that they are unaware of what is happening around them in the present. If they took a moment to observe what is in front of them, their curiosity might just be stimulated.