Monday, August 20, 2007

is that the world revolving around me?

Random facts about this blogger:

I never understood the idea of blogging, never wanted to engage in it, but once I started reading other peoples' writing I was inspired.

My name, Melissa, has no story behind it. My parents just liked the name.

If I was born a boy, I would have been Daniel.
My nickname, Misslissa, was inadvertently given to me by my best friend's father when I was in junior high. Somewhere between 7th and 8th grade I became "too cool" to stay with my original nickname, Missy, and wanted to be called the more "highly sophisticated" Melissa. Enter best friends dad who caught himself mid-Missy while saying hello and ended up calling me Misssss-lissa. It stuck.

The only people that still call me Missy are my aunt, uncle and cousins on my father's side of the family, my friend Doug (who never knew me before junior high) and, occasionally, my father.

I answer to Melissa, Misslissa, Missy and even Michelle. Throughout my life, people have mistakenly called me Michelle so often that I will answer to it, respond to whatever they were beckoning me for, and nonchalantly point out their error at the end of the conversation. They inevitably appear embarrassed.

I've been friends with my best friend, Bernadette, since junior high.

I also consider my mother my best friend.

Greg is also my best friend.

I believe we can have as many best friends as we want in this life.

I have a food sensitivity to chocolate, but on occasion, I still consume it.

Performance is a hobby. I have done various forms of acting (indie film, stage, dinner theatre, etc.) which I took up on a whim. I found a posting on a bulletin board for murder mystery dinner theatre, went on the audition for the hell of it, and was hooked....almost obsessed when I first started.

I love belting out songs really loud when I am driving alone. I don't even care if people look at me strange.

Today I was singing old school hard core music.

I want to one day perform stand up comedy. Problem is, my humor is rather situational and I would probably bomb on stage. I'd still be willing to try it anyway. I could always live off the tomatoes that are chucked at me.

When I am quiet, it doesn't mean there is something wrong. I love taking time to simply observe the world and I do not always have to be my loud self to be okay.

Changing my hair cut and color makes me feel good.

I believe tofu can be really yummy if it's prepared right.

I have been a public radio listener since I stumbled on "Whad'ya know?" in the early 90's.

Number of states I've lived in: 3 (NY, CO and RI)
Number of towns: 6
Number of abodes: 9

I eat salsa straight from the jar.

I named my first car "Tully" strictly for the reason that I wanted to name the second one "Tully II".

I have known my boyfriend for 18 years. We met each other though the zines we had individually produced back in high school and were friends for years. We lost contact after community college but found each other again when he happened to move to Denver while I was living there.

Closest I've lived to a partner: the same apartment
Furthest: 2000 miles away

I got my first flat tire in Southold, NY.
When I quit figure skating, I took up ice hockey. When I stopped playing ice hockey, I took up ballet. I recently took up skateboarding.

I once stabbed my own foot with a pitchfork and my brother cut my finger with loping sheers. I still enjoy gardening today.

I am too tired to proofread this entry.

I love life, even when it's difficult, I simply love it. Life is never boring.

What else, random or not, would you like to know?

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