Saturday, August 18, 2007

spare some change?

Autumn in Small Cities

The air was cooler today.
Reminds me that change comes without trying.
Thinking back on the bum
Over on 16th & California
Boldly begging for change of her own.
Did she once feel like me?
When she was young
Sweet-smelling sassafras?

© 2006 Melissa I. Minicozzi


We change over time, even when it is not seen or noticed by ourselves or others. How do we benchmark changes in ourselves? Or do we change so gradually that it is imperceptible? How do we perpetuate or hinder change? How do we present how we have changed to the world? Do they have to be within awareness for such changes to exist fully? Do we have some sort of need to have change acknowledged by others? Is it inevitable but uncontrollable? Or do we have the reins of some but not other changes that occur? Do we refuse to change even when our repeated patterns are not working?

How am I changing? How do I want to continue changing? What do I want to change now?

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