Sunday, August 19, 2007


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I have no problem being goofy for the camera. My friend, Rich, snapped this pic of me enjoying a veggie burger at the vegetarian restaurant Garden Grill in RI. Gosh darn, the food there is amazing but don't go there is you're in a rush. Some of the waitstaff are stuck in their own bad cliche's and they don't even know it. And their misery translates into poor service. But, mmmmm, the food!

I enjoy my goofy side (...and veggie burgers). Having fun and finding the humor in things is one of my favorite coping skills. Even when life is stressful, there is usually some kind of humor to be found. Like at funeral homes where the decor is so loud it could wake the dead (c'mon, hysterical) or when every little thing is going wrong, the stupid things are like the Universe flicking you in the back of the head. It's life and it's funny! Go ahead and laugh at yourself and the world around you. You can't go around being serious all the time, that's not living.

Sit back, relax and find the humor in it all. Cheers!

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